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  Coaching Services
Plans & Rates

Level I
Full service coaching with full access. This program includes unlimited email and phone communication along with the use of TrainingPeaks.com online tools and software.
Price:  $350 per four week training block with a $250 startup fee.

Level II
With Level II coaching you’ll receive workouts in two week blocks, modified as necessary. A once a month phone call and regular email communication are used to monitor progress. Workouts are written at TrainingPeaks.com and all tools are available for use within that software.
Price:  $225 per 28 day plan with a $175 startup fee.

Quarterly Program:
Phone consultation included, 12-week training program created through TrainingPeaks.com software, ongoing contact by e-mail.
Price: $200 Start-Up Fee, $400/12 weeks.

Duathlon Training Plans
Pre-built 10-12 week training programs for duathlons of different distance are available at the TrainingPeaks.com website. Click here to view the available plans.

Eric also provides consulting for athletes who wish to have their annual training plans, goals and objectives reviewed. Topics discussed often include specific workout selection, timing, and training volume to help you prepare for important events. To facilitate the phone consultation athletes are provided information forms to be filled out in advance of the phone call. Consulting is provided for $100 per hour.

  T: (303) 359-6609 | E: Duathlon@hotmail.com